Visionmarine Holds Top Technology in Surveillance Systems in Low and Ultra Low Light Conditions for Applications Near, On and In the Sea!


It is well known that the corrusive power of the sea was, is and will always be relentless; anyone who had to install or maintain any structure near or over the sea, comprehends this non-negotiable power. Any discount on the quality of materials used is undoubtedly regretted in the future, particularly when a structure is installed for safety and security purposes.


Research has shown that the area affected by the corrosive power of the sea extends up to 400 meters from the seashore. Simply put, Visionmarine's marine application field, (apart from floating constructions such as boats, ships or fish farms) extends also to coastal houses and shops, resorts, harbors, fish markets, shipyards etc.


Corrosion conditions do not only exist in coastal areas where the salt is in natural form, it is also present wherever the salt is transported and used as human intervention. Thus a secondary large field of Visionmarine anticorrusion camera application relates with installations which are often subject to salt usage such as highways, toll stations, highway rest areas, tunnels, etc.


Visionmarine is world's leading Manufacturer of Marine Cameras and one of few running an Internal Research & Development Department. For More Than 20 Years Visionmarine has been designing, producing and supplying marine cameras for top market brands. In 2017 Visionmarine begun to offer its products on the retail market.

Efficiency night and day
Visionmarine's patented Starlux technology delivers excellent image capture up to 40 meters radius with minimal illumination (0.01 lux) and fast adaption during luminosity fluctuation.
High built quality
All Visionmarine cameras are subject to harsh dehumidifying moisture and salt spray tests (immersion in water for up to 24 hours) while production facilities have stable temperature and humidity conditions.
The main characteristic of the marine cameras is the anti-corrosion resistance and Visionmarine is the market leader. Its top anti-corrosion technology and material quality have enabled Visionmarine to produce the first underwater camera for commercial use offering a 2 year warranty!
Compatibility with Existing Systems
Marine camera installation usually takes place during a security system upgrade process on an existing system. An important feature, therefore, is the compatibility of any new component with the existing infrastructure. Visionmarine offers a full range of both analogue and network IP cameras and recording systems.

Digital marine cameras & recorders

Digital security cameras provide multiple benefits and are now considered the trade standard for any new installation. Their main features are::

Resolution up to 4K
High definition screen display, zoom capability for face recognition, traffic signs and other features.
Camera connection to the recorder requires a single cable (Power over Ethernet PoE) that transfers information and power simultaneously.
Digital Signal
Digital signal allows for easier and more flexible information management.
Flexibility & Extensibility
Digital systems have the ability to integrate with other digital systems, ideal for expanding an existing network.

Analogue Cameras

Analogue security camera technology pre-exists this of the digital and most of the old installations are based on it. The main advantages of this category are:

Upgrading Needs

Upgrading an existing analogue system with an extensive network, for example in the case of a seaside resort with 50 cameras in operation, it is clearly preferable to connect analogue marine cameras rather than replacing the entire network.

Economic Solution

The cost of analogue security systems (cameras, recorders and components) is considerably lower than corresponding digital ones.

Security, Reliability, & Durability